Debilitated signs in astrology

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With Moon owning the 9th house of father and Guru, Moon in Scorpio has trouble accessing the power of the Guru and implementing spiritual teachings. They may stay entangled in a world of upheavals as long as they get gripped by obsessive power plays and fantasies. Poor discrimination about relationships or being hyper-critical Virgo in relationship destroys the ability to flow.

Neechabhanga Raja yoga

Poor self-esteem leads to picking bad mates. Expanded and compassionate and artistic qualities are lost in low self-esteem and fault finding. For Taurus rising, Venus in Virgo, Venus owns the 6th and is in the 5th. Problems with fault-finding with children or co-works can spoil this planet.

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Jupiter is constrained by conservatism and commercial enterprise it it goes against its love of wisdom and knowledge and teaching being stuck in business. For Pisces, Capricorn the place of debilitation is connected to the 11th. It is like if you, Elias are very depressed because you failed a spelling contest. And your friend Victor is also very depressed because he also failed. But Victor knows a guy named John who really helped Victor feel better about the spelling contest. Now Victor can turn to you and relay that encouraging information to you, Elias, and help you.

So, in this chart, Mars is saved by Jupiter and is able to pass that along to Saturn. Also, even if this were not the case, two debilitated planets CAN help each other out. It is like when you going a support group. Say there are wives who are victims of domestic abuse. When they form a social group and get together with each other, they can really help one another. In the same way two debilitated planets can in fact help one another out of their mutual debilitation.

I was studying one chart of female and kind of confused how to apply this rule on it. It has Sun in Libra in 12th house with mercury and moon and venus in Virgo in 11th house.

Remedy, FreeWill and Simple Astrology: Debilitated Planets in Astrology

Now Sun gets debilited in libra and its lord also debilited in virgo whose lord Mercury is in 12th house. Do you think NBRY applies here? If the score is above 10 the planet is not really debilitated in the full sense. Hi I have an interesting question….. I have saturn exalted in 10th house in libra sign with 1 degree and in conjuction with sun in debilitation in libra with 3 degrees, also there is venus of 0 degrees in libra.

Jupiter is also in libra but its little ahead of all this three planets at 22 degrees. So as per ur blog it creates neechbhanga but since any planet within 7 degrees of sun on either gets combust so does exalted saturn helps sun to cancel its debility????

Fight Fire With Fire

This is so complicated. Hi , What about if a debilitated planet is aspect by another planet and they both are enemy and are placed in dushsthana in rashi chart and are kendra to moon. According to late B. Dear Vic, Thanks for the interesting read… wanted your opinion on the following situation that I have: Mars deb.

What could be the pros and cons for Mars here. Thanks Vinit. What do you think is the spiritual, or any, reason for a person with two fallen planets in rasi? Both my sun and jupiter are fallen and without bangha. But and if valid, jupiter falls in a pushkar navamsha.

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Fallen in 2nd , glanced by sani and right next to neptune. But he is my atmakaraka. I myself question the concept of karma. Not action reaction but the do unto others thing. I think there is Way more suffering than deserved out there. Visa versa too perhaps. We do not remember the distant past, therefore how can we hold an important opinion as to weather karma is fair or not? There are far too many evil people out there to think that there is far too much suffering.

Dignities of Planets

People do not even realize how evil we have become — slaughtering thousands of animals every single day for no reason except gluttony. Hello I am somehow more inclined to Mark opinion here, when I see many children suffering from horrible things in life. When it comes to Karma as greate mentor says its all due to past life effects , isnt it unfair to child going through all those suffering even not knowing why it is happening?.

I can believe free will concept for matures but when i see someone who is unaware of good and bad deeds has to suffer , everything comes to question mark. Skip to content. Jupiter could potentially help himself. Because Saturn owns Capricorn, where Jupiter is debilitated. The Moon. Because the Moon owns Cancer, where Jupiter is exalted.

Because Mars becomes exalted in Capricorn. Fight Fire With Fire Jupiter can help himself only if he has internal strength. Get Help Besides this, we can also rise above our shortcomings by compensating for them with our strengths, and by applying our strengths to improve our weaknesses! This is reflected by the following guidelines about who can help a debilitated planet: Dive In to the Weakness 1 Saturn can help a debilitated Jupiter, because Saturn owns Capricorn, wherein Jupiter falls to debilitation.

Compensate with your Strength 2 The Moon can help a debilitated Jupiter, because the Moon owns Cancer, wherein Jupiter rises to exaltation. Learn from Experts 3 Mars can help a debilitated Jupiter, because Mars becomes exalted in Capricorn, where Jupiter falls to debility. When The above mentioned planets can help only if they are placed in an angular house from the ascendant or the Moon.

An Example Up to here I have given you the basics. Mars is the planet who owns Aries, so Mars is a candidate to help. The planet who gets exalted in a sign is called the Exaltation dispositor. For instance, Jupiter get exalted in Cancer. Hence the exaltation dispositor of Cancer is Jupiter and its dispositor, Moon! We know that planets gets exalted in certain signs and debilitated in certain signs. The debilitation sign is degrees from the exaltation sign. It is said that that these 3 natural benefics in quadrants can destroy scores of afflictions!

If natural malefics own quadrants, they become benefics. On the other hand, if natural benefics like Venus and Jupiter own quadrants, they are vitiated by Quadrangular ownership. They become functional malefics.