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It always has to be complicated with aquarius women? Because I know that her eccentricity, charm and beauty keepsmake me want to stay, but are aquarius women ment to commit? What do they need to built something that can last and be happy together. I read all the articles for more than 2 years, trying everything.

Every advice would be apriciated. This perfectly describes an Aquarian woman I have known for around 8 years but been secretly crushing on for around 4 years. We have an extremely delicate chemistry. Delicate enough where I wasnt willing to give up "hoes" or the "fun time girls" i. Just like it was mentioned in this article, the way we met was completely unexpected. We first started seeing each other around work for an entire summer, but then wound up in the same class in college at the end of that summer.

That was how we initially met. Since then I have been drawn to her. I'm going to tell her how I feel but win or lose, I want to remain her friend first and foremost. For the first time in my life, I think I really am in love, and with her specifically. I hope she feels the same and all works out between us. That would be a sweet way to move forward with my life. Wow I hope all goes in well. We have strong chemistry. Aquarian woman here, in tears. She would be lucky to have you. Friends first, what a dream come true. Hope it worked out. Just met my bestfriend who is a libra.

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  5. Libra Man +Aquarius Woman=LOVE!
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Crazy how you can go on so many years without someone and then when you meet them wonder how you went so long without them. I am an Aquarius women but widowed. Been that way for almost 7 years. I have never dated a Libra man. We had very little in common, and towards the last 15 years of our 34 yr. He went through his midlife crisis and had 2 affairs that I know of. I divorced him in my mind. He took one of the other bedrooms and it became his.

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He finally passed away in I am looking for an eligible man a gentleman who is between Some 70 — 80 year old men look and act a lot younger than their age and can still perform. That may be partially true, but not as far as I am concerned. My sex drive is still and not Age is just a number, but never stop trying and you can succeed. So, I am an Aquarius woman and am looking for my Libra man.

If you have seen him, let me know. Cheers to us seniors…. First time i saw her i felt like i was falling in love , like in 3 second i felt for her. Time passes and i turned 19 traveled in world and coming back to my home country second day i saw her online on facebook and i called her , i was with a couple of friend at my place and i asked her if she want to come over , she said yes i coming with my cousin i said yea that cool , after that day we started hanging ouy every day for like 1 month and a half , she had this thing with a guy that disrespected her and she turned him off completely when she started hanging with me.

I forgot to mention we stayed at her place cause she was living with her cousin alone cause her parent where in london and she stayed home to finish school. Anyway when i left she was so upset like i could see on her face that she is very upset … she decided that she would wait for me. Your email address will not be published. Get to know you or your relationship on a deeper level! Ever wonder why you are a Scorpio, but all of your friends and lovers are Leos?

The explanation is in the stars. First Name. Subscribe Now. Follow on Instagram. Aquarius Woman — Libra Man aquarius , libra. Aquarius values friendship in a relationship more than anything. Their definition of love and friendship are usually the exact same. The important things to him will be to have a peaceful and harmonious environment.

Considering she is so unconventional, this will be something that she has to work on for him. This sign needs to rest more than any other sign, as I have mentioned in previous posts. If you join him while he is resting bring your voice down, talk about positive things, and stay as calm as you possibly can. I would not normally post anything like this, especially on a blog for my photography.

I found this article the other day when I thought it would be amusing to read about my star sign. I was astonished to find this and for it to perfectly encapsulate my way of life and why I am the way I am. Parts are a little lame but at the same time so relevant. She wants to suffer, celebrate, hate and adore who she is. Even then, she might write you a letter. Because the intensity of her feelings can make the speaking of words such a task. She loves words. She loves the magic they hold, the way they can free her and so few things can.

So to love a Libra, understand that the words always matter—they are the brush strokes of her heart. Your words must never be cheapened through unfulfilled promises or patronization. But a Libra, to survive in the world, must find her medium. Beautiful pieces of anything. You must watch the curve of her mouth; her lips will purse ever-so-slightly and when they do, you can rest assured that her mind wanders because her heart is not still.

A Libra will love her body. But you must love it, you must always love it. You must look into her eyes and smile. Move her hair from her face so you can get a better look. You must touch the places that hardly get touched: her neck as she does the dishes, her collar bone as she types at her desk, her hip as you stand in line at the grocery store. You must weave the ordinary with the erotic. You must touch her.

A lot. The weight of her fears, her curiosities, everything: of being human, of responsibility, of hate and violence and injustice, of beauty and lightness and breath, all of it. It frighteners her, but amazes her too. She sees magic where others do not. She needs to believe in magic. To love a Libra, you must celebrate; you must celebrate her, life, the amazing, the plain, everything and anything.

Always trying to reach that impossible balance, she never quite knows who she is. A Libra needs you to push her toward self-care. Her heart will break often. Her heart will feel lonely and sad about many things, but you must never be the one to break it completely. There are no partners more committed, more attentive than your Libra.

Linda Goodman's Love Signs

Parties and midnight walks and deep, frenzied conversation—she likes literature and science and philosophy best. She likes whiskey too. She needs mindful smothering, she needs adventure. You must learn to accept her, even as a contradiction. But if she has time to think, any decision will be painful—be it where to eat, what to wear or who to love. This will frustrate you, but you must try understand. For her, there is no such thing as an obvious choice. Loving a Libra means loving love itself. She can see the good in almost any person, but in a lover she requires intelligence and humor.

There is nothing sexier than wit. She hates discord, because it makes her feel vulnerable; but to love her is not to worry too much, because she believes in forgiveness and trust—enough to repair almost any injury done to her. Loving a Libra means knowing there are few things more important than make-up sex. She cannot survive without this particular truth. Then trust her tears and her words to be true. But if you witness the flash of anger in her eyes, you must let her rage. For gentle, compassionate Libra will storm fiercely in the face of injustice.

You must allow her the space to be a warrior when her heart tells her it is time to fight. She might be cast as an introvert. She might be tagged an extrovert by those who know her best. Neither matters, as long as she feels connected to what surrounds her. When a Libra is happy, she can take over the world. She need only be equipped with the proper music, laughter and her smile. The trick is in keeping her there; for in that moment is an ocean of contentment that only her huge heart can appreciate. If you can keep her in the moment, you can keep her forever. But the Libra mind will drift and worry.

It will linger on the wrong that cut her too deeply. She will scrutinize over the words you used, or the words that went unspoken. The environment is important for Libra, make sure the first date is somewhere classy and elegant with posh surroundings, such as lunch at an elegant bistro then a walk along the tree lined pathways of a ravine in the summertime with the flowers blooming.

Libra will feel at peace and love it. Give her compliments and tell her how much she is appreciated. She may reply bashfully but with each compliments, the radiant glow inside her will shine brighter and brighter. Once the initial seduction is over with and the relationship has become more stable, she will stop her sweet seductive ways, not because she has completely lost interest, but it is because she is lazy in love. She may need a few days away without you, this is like pressing the reset button on the relationship. Be dramatically romantic, sweet love notes tucked in her pocket, flowers, these things bring great joy to the Libra woman and they make her feel special, which is essentially important to the Libra woman.

Libras really are not fond of drama. Libras enjoy helping others, especially when it comes to peacemaking. Let her know you trust her opinion and diplomacy. Libras are natural flirts! If you show her you love to talk, it may be hard for her not to turn on the charm!

Libras are slow decision makers, and she will appreciate that you understand that. Libras are dependent on having strong relationships with other people, and she will most likely appreciate hearing that she means a lot to you. She will notice! Most women come with their own set of unique baggage, but Libran women come with their own set of balancing scales, which they will use to measure every ounce of life, including a marriage with you.

Balance is a word that means a lot to Librans, but somehow invariably eludes them, despite their efforts to attain it. Well, get used to it. Libran women have a sense of duality to them—not in the Gemini sense of dual personalities, but more in the sense that they can play both roles in a marriage. Or, and this is equally likely, she can take his pants and wear them herself and she will probably look pretty good in them, too.

Libran women have a masculine side to them; they are strong-willed, independent, and have a penchant for power. You see, for all their sense of independence, Libran women crave a soulful partnership with their spouses. Libran wives understand the fundamentals of marriage better than any other, and they will always view your marriage as an equal partnership. She will likely be a wizard in the kitchen, and will crave order and discipline around the house. There are men that can engage in intelligent, philosophical discussions with their wives for hours on end, yet possess a sly, witty sense of humor, while being a loyal, devoted father, a loving husband, a successful career person, and still find time to hit a ball around on the weekends.

Such men are Libran men. They stand around and juggle the different facets of their life with consummate ease. But to a Libran male, there is nothing more important to his interest than his wife. Librans invented partnerships.

To them, a partnership is an equal relationship, built on openness, trust and mutual respect. And the good news for the woman that marries a Libran man, is that he views his marriage as the ultimate partnership. He will be shamelessly proud of his wife, will be a pillar of strength and support to her, and consult her on every single matter in his life. Most women appreciate this quality about the Libran husband, because a lot of men tend to view marriage as two people living together.

Libran men though know otherwise; to them, marriage is two people who are together, in every way that two people can be together. In fact, they are one. Get used to it. He will be a good father, though can tend to be a little too controlling. Control is a word that means a lot to the Libran man, and for every ounce of respect and love that he parts to you, he will expect you to reciprocate by returning not just all that he spared to you, but also add a little bit of control over your life.

But he has the best intentions, and he hopes that by having more control over you, he can merely steer you in the right direction, and keep you happy. As a true child of Venus, Libra woman is in love with the idea of being loved. Expert in the art of enchanting men, she views seduction as an art form.

She is, first and foremost, an actress, and her lovemaking is high drama, even though there is only an audience of one. Sheis the sole person of the stage. The spotlight is on her. Libra wants to be the brightest star in the heavens. The allure of Libra woman involves all the senses. She is a creative artist, knows about food and wine, has refined taste in dressing and decoration. She has a talent for bringing out beauty in life, and she also brings these esthetic skills into sexual relationships.

She uses romance touches to make a love affair glow. Sometimes, though, Libra woman in love feels the emotional demands of the role are too much and she needs a rest from it. This is because Libra is as lazy in love as in most other areas.

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  • Besides, once she has satisfied her primary need - to dazzle and enchant you - she begins losing interest. To some people, Libra woman appears to project a succession of images rather than an integrated personality. She deals in moods and nuances, and expects others to sense her desires without her having to declare them.

    She is always looking for a perfect companion to enhance her image, but that companion only exists in her mirror. A lover is expected to provide her with the proper setting in which she can glow and glitter. And she wants all the trappings of romance - flowers, champagne, surprise weekend getaways. That is why so many Libra women are attracted to older, richer men with experience in the art of woman pleasing. In addition to affection, understanding, and sympathy, she wants a lover who will cater to her whims.

    She usually attracts such men and often marries more than once. In her youth her quest for love may lead her down different paths. But as time goes on, she becomes discriminating. The glamor of transient affairs fades and she is increasingly drawn to the luster of a permanent relationship. Most Libra women actually prefer romance to sex physical side of love strikes them as a little sordid. She will leave him like a ship deserting a sinking rat. When a love affair fades she tries to arrange an amicable parting. The female Libra will work hard for her appearance and is filled with compassion.

    She can make friends with pretty much anyone, and when she does, she will respect and help them whenever she can. Libra women are always busy and will forget to return calls. The male Libra always has big plans and ideas, women will be instantly attracted to him.

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    He is financially wise, but will change his mind on situations often. He is trustworthy, loyal to friends, and very forgiving. His self-indulgence might lead him into bad waters, but with his intellect and charm, he has no problem getting out. Libras are easy to attract, they probably have attracted you first with their easygoing nature. First and foremost, admire and flatter them. Treat them like a prince or princess. Libras love to talk, they can talk about anything but are especially interested in themselves. Want to leave a lasting impression on a Libra? Ask questions about them and talk about their interests, hobbies, anything regarding them.

    Even though Libras are diplomatic, they enjoy seeing things from other points of view. Engage in a light debate about an issue exploring both sides and the conversation will flow. Dress nice, keep the atmosphere posh and upscale and clean your house before they come over for the first time. First impressions are lasting for Libras. Have fun, be yourself, you are almost guaranteed a good time with the easygoing, interesting Libra. A Libran female is total woman, complete with the charming manners and delightful elegance.

    She can also argue with the convincing male logic and beat you at any argument. However, the male side may come in front of you after sometime. Debate attracts her and she weighs both sides of the situation with total fairness. A Libra girl may start an argument alone and finish it alone, with your contribution being only some occasional comments. While she is arguing with you, she may smile every now and then. Before you know it, you will feel captivated by her smile and charm. By this time, she would have won the argument as well as your heart.

    A typical Libran female characteristics profile includes a constant need to be fair and balanced. At the same time, she is not stubborn and easily changes her mind if she finds your arguments more logical and convincing. Libran women love luxurious surroundings and sloppy, dirty surroundings make them feel depressed. If subjected to such environs for too long, they can fall physically ill too. Most of them work after marriage. Apart from money, one of the basic reasons for this is that for them, marriage is also like a partnership and both the partners have to carry out the responsibilities together.

    Solitaire is not their kind of game. A Libra woman never seeks to dominate in a relationship and the husband always gets the respect he deserves. At the same time, she keeps him from making mistakes or taking wrong decisions. He takes the lead and she tries to smooth out the results of his decisions.

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    • She is emotional, but not while forming opinions or passing judgments. At that point of time, facts are what matters to her the most. Being suspicious is not one of the personality traits of a Libran girl. She trusts you completely and opening your personal mail will be wrong in her eyes. She expresses her emotions easily and lavishly; you will never find yourself complaining in this aspect. There will be no dearth of charming glances, gentle strokes, affectionate hugs and loving kisses.

      After marriage, you will never come back to a dirty home. Everything will be spick and span, right from your drawing room to your wife to the kids. A Libra female loves talking, but she will patiently listen to your monologues too. She is all feminine, where love and romance is concerned. However, when some crisis situation crops up, she will be as strong as any man.

      She will always be there to help you, motivate you, build up your strength and support you. With children, she will be loving, caring and a little strict, especially where respecting you is concerned. She will dote on them, but they will never come before you. You were the first love of her life and she will never forget that. She will never let the kids disrespect you and your needs will always come first.

      If you become too strict with them, she will be there to wipe their tears and give them the chocolate you denied. A Libra woman may become a little imbalanced once in a while. Still, the harmony and balance will return soon and she will become her usual lovable self again. She is one of the few females who can play the princess with the perfect captivating charm and, with as much ease, lend you a supporting hand in crisis. And she melts your heart with that enticing charm and alluring smile too!

      Principle: With the 7th zodiacal principle, the dissonance of Virgo gies way to the consonance of Libra and its Apollonian precepts of order, reason, and beauty. Design replaces mere function and societal rules are imposed on freeform nature.

      How to recognize Libra (from Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs)

      Libra woman stands for equality within the male-Apollonian vision of civilization, standing firm in her ideals, representing feminine authority in the world. Planetary symbol: The glyph of Venus-circle of spirit above cross of matter-represents the divine mind. Sign Quadrant: The zodiacal quadrants correspond to metaphysical planes of being - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

      The Third Quadrant is that of mental perception, particularly as it relates to existence. For Libra woman, importance lies on the abstract level of conscious thought and the projection of principled thought-forms onto society. Sign glyph: The Libran emblem suggests balance between day and night, summer and winter-the autumnal equinox ushers in the sign of Libra. Libra is the only sign with an inanimate symbol.

      The Scales represent equality in the sexes. Astraea, The Lady of the Scales, was goddess of justice and karmic law. She is emblematic, especially to men, who view her as a pendant alternatively meaning counterpart and ornamental trinkey. The cardinal equality signifies a call to action and initiative.

      Polarity: Females in masculine fire, air are not aligned with the gender polarity of their sign and thus enact instead of embody the quality-element combination of the sign.